Hello!  My name is Brad Felix and I am a professional nerd.  You obviously found my url from somewhere, so let me say thanks for coming!  Let me tell you about myself.

I started doing development as a career in late 2006.  Prior to then I had been going to school and working at the local pool store slinging pool stuff.  I never graduated from college, as I found the classes excessively boring and a waste of time.  I was learning so much more just reading and trying stuff on my own.  Easily at a rate of 4 to 1 compared to my college classes, so I just stopped going and worked other jobs while learning more code and building up my knowledge. I finally got a chance to prove my worth to company at the end of 2006 with Fifth Third Bank.  Now, granted it wasn’t anything amazing at the time and I wasn’t working on anything that customers interacted with.  The stuff I was maintaining and building was all strictly internal employees of the credit card merchant services department.  They had already had a site built, and I was tasked with improving and maintaining the code base and the databases.  While in my free time doing the site maintenance and making sure everything was staying up to date to the agents on the phone had up to the minute information, to troubleshoot, provide data, etc for the customers calling in.  I also wrote several desktop applications using Visual Basic for other departments to also help with efficiency and to enable them to get more work done faster, by pulling in data from different places, and making it easily accessible.  Eventually there came a point where I felt like there was no where else for me to go in my current position, so I started seeking other opportunities to where I could learn even more.

So at the end of 2008, I found a new place to lend my services to.  I was started working for Bonneville International (eventually puchased by the Hubbard Company in 2010 or 2011) the last week of the december that year.   When I started I was working with one other developer, which after 2 years, he left and went on to greener pastures, which just left me.  Which was fine,  I spent the better part of the next 1 and half building an entire intranet application for the cincinnati market radio stations for Hubbard.  It got to the point where we were hosting client websites from it, everyone in the office used it, and I was always adding new functionality to aid in assisting folks do their jobs faster.  I also had built several new websites for the radio stations, rebranded, relaunched, brand new, you name it.  Eventually, a job opened at the corporate level development staff, and I jumped at the opportunity, so I could learn even more.  Looking back now, I didnt really learn much, the corporate level dev staff was mainly used to troubleshoot problems with the custom CMS when the local market developers ran into bugs.  I wish I would’ve stayed with the local market, but it was what it was… and Hubbard eventually closed the radio division corporate office, to move dev and support to their headquarters, so we all got the boot, more or less.

Which for the last 6 months of 2014, I spent trying to get a new job, and actually ended up moving to chicago to work for a small development company in West Dundee, Illinois.  I was hired on as a senior web developer, and I met some really nice people.  However, the owner was an absolute moron, the other developers, that he leaned on as knowing all the ins and outs, had less than 1 year experience.  He mostly ignored everything, I brought up to make things more efficient and easier to mass produce stuff, like I was an idiot.  The other developers, which obviously didnt understand what I was asking for to happen, told him he shouldnt and he listened.  So, instead of updating code bases and updating frameworks, they continued to use software written over 10 years ago, full of bugs and security holes.  I at one point had rewritten the entire admin, which everyone liked and it was faster.  Well, everyone but the owner liked it, he hated it… said it was garbage.  He was so bad at managing people, I just could not work there anymore.  I started looking for a job towards the end of November that year (2015).  I was offered a job at a few different companies.  I ultimately chose Grunt Style, as the next place I would offer my services.

I have been with Grunt Style for the last 2 years.  It has become one of my favorite places I have ever worked.  The atmosphere, the leadership, everything about the company is pretty damn awesome.  I have built a lot of stuff, have solved tons of problems and have setup tons of servers.  Of course, by the time I had started at Grunt Style, I was a master at all aspects of Full Stack Development, so it wasnt really hard to do any of it.  I currently work remote because my wife is in the Air Force, and we currently live in Albuquerque.  I really don’t have anything but nice things to say about Grunt Style.  They have always treated me with respect and allowed me to do what I do best.  Hell, they even listen when I have ideas, or find problems… it’s nice to feel like a vital part of the operation.  Since I moved away from Chicago and started working remotely, the have grown… oh how they have grown.  Since, I havent been to the office in over a year now, I havent really seen how things have changed, I just know they have.

Anyway, that’s my brief professional history in the exciting and never dull world of development. Thanks for reading!